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(Note: this is an actual letter exchange between Super Junior’s Kangin and Yesung)

To. Kim Jongwoon
Yah you fuck since I’ve been going easy on you it’s catching up on me… yah don’t go bragging around that you won the sparring match in Thailand you fucker do you know that I went easy on you? Huh? Do you think I would lose to you with this ??? muscle ripped body? Especially when you’re the one who’s always getting crushed I felt bad for your life so I went easy on you for once but why are you acting crazy like it’s the last day of your life. I’m annoyed to death that my reputation is being crushed. If it wasn’t for Jungsoo hyung, I would have killed you right then and there. You should be thankful to Jungsoo hyung… no fuck. Why should I share a room with a loser like you who only messes/teases around with me? Yah thinking about it makes me mad. Yah and don’t do the hugging performance with Hyukjae during the Miracle stage. It’s so obvious that you are so much shorter than your dongsaeng, aren’t you even embarrassed? And Hyukjae always pushes you away. Don’t do it with someone who doesn’t want to do it with me And I’m saying this because I don’t want you to misunderstand, I’m not writing this because I’m embarrassed to say it out loud. I’m bored so I’m writing this. It’s because I’m bored. So you should reply. If you don’t I’m going to order [고려장??] with Teukie hyung.
From Handsome Youngwoon nim
To. Kim Youngwoon
Crazy person, you can’t write for life. I had a hard time interpreting it. Yah why do I have to apologize to you? You are just uselessly strong and you don’t have an ounce of skill/talent. You are just a rock that moves. Realistically, it’s right that I won, so I’m going to continue bragging. And even if you didn’t say it I was going to stop the hugging performance with Hyukjae anyways. I’m not doing the performance because you told me not to, I’m stopping it because I don’t like it. Don’t misunderstand.Right and you son of a bitch, I told you to call me hyung. You are an 85-er, who are you to tell me what to do. Is having a big back [t/n: implying that Kangin is strong] and strength everything? Also, you have been getting a lot of female celebrities’ number these days. Are you having fun you fucking son of a bitch? Don’t keep it all for yourself, what about sharing them? Or else I’m going to start [t/n: start what? Lol. I guess he’s talking about asking for numbers. Oh, yesung.. ♥]. If you see this and get jealous or whatever, I’m going to snap your spine. Crap, I wasn’t going to reply to this. I felt bad and wrote this because you were threatening me like a stupid fool. So you have to call me hyung from now on. You pig.
From. The more handsome, top star, Kim Jongwoon nim
P.S. I signed this especially for you so think of it as a honor.
—Yesung curses a lot. LOL.
To. Jongwoon
You want me to give you girl celebrities’ numbers? You crazy person you don’t even give it to your baby [t/n: Er. I have no idea what he is talking about here.] and shit I’m not the one who’s asking for it [t/n: SORRY FOR THE INCOHERANT SENTENCE]. Did you ask for their (female celebrites) numbers yet they told you they didn’t want to give it to you? Don’t be so jealous. Yah you idiot you are the stupid one, you can’t even get one number? When I did the kiss scene with Jungsoo hyung last time, you saw it and got really angry that you ???. If you did everything properly, this would have never happened. You got upset for no reason and after the broadcast, you didn’t let me in your room and when I let myself in, you were overreacting and crap especially when you were secretly crying in the first place you fucking bitch. And for a fool who always gets squashed by me, you think you are stronger than me or something. Or why don’t you try and overpower me then. You can’t even crush me yet you think you have unbelievable skills. Stop spreading rumors around, I’m fucking embarrassed that I’m younger than you. If you spread rumors like that, what will other people think of us. Think before you speak. And during Chunji radio, stop acting so cute you stupid bitch ok*. I only ??? ??? ??? Yesung in front of me. ??? acting cute ??? if I become malnutritioned you are responsible for me ok* [t/n: I think he is trying to say that seeing Yesung act cute makes him lose his appetite, thus, becoming malnutritioned]. You better write a reply or else I won’t let you use your hips tonight.
From. The really handsome Youngwoon nim.
—* written in English
To. Kim Youngwoon
Crazy bastard, did you learn writing Korean properly? Did you write the letter or did you draw it? Do I have to teach you how to write Korean properly? You were born in -85 yet you talk back to me and you write like a 5 year old. Call me hyung you son of a bitch and I didn’t get upset when I was doing Chunji. Am I roped to you? When I’m with Ryeowook, you go in front of us and make a huge deal yet when we go outside, you only take care of Jungsoo hyung. And if I become the slightest bit upset, you make a huge freaking deal out of it fucker. Truthfully, when I saw that, I lived (t/n: OR felt like I was living. And.. uhm, idk what he means here. Sorry.). Lately I haven’t been putting on an act for you, you became really upset, that’s why you are like this these days, right? Should I get upset for you? And I made you into a ??? truthfully when you aren’t feeling good/happy, I let you overpower me, you are so proud of that don’t go bragging it around idiot. I wasn’t acting cute, when I’m just laughing a little bit you think I’m trying to be cute and make a big deal and crap. Whenever I do that [laugh] you always let out laughter that sounds like a dog dying. Don’t laugh like a dog dying. When your fans go to you, you always laugh like that when you said that you would only show me. You broke our promise first, don’t deny it. Break a promise one more time and I’m really going to twist your spine. And last time, outside, when you hugged me from behind, you got in a lot trouble with manager hyung because even your hugs are so tight and our positions were weird. Restrain yourself in public, pig, because of you people look at us weird. Before if you didn’t talk back to me, it would have been better, or why don’t you just tell me to call you hyung when you are a -85er? And your threat was ??? so I’m writing a reply for you.
Ps. Write properly I had a really hard time.
From. More handsome sexy Kim Jongwoon nim.
I beg the world to reblog this lmao, because everyone needs to see this. This is pure gold and it really shows how genuine their friendship is that they can throw insults at one another and not take it to heart.
Their friendship is something that’s just really, really special. I can’t begin to explain it but it’s obvious that they share a very, very strong bond. From discreetly hitting one another during broadcasts to mocking one another easily, their friendship is a really strange one where they seem like they hate one another when in actuality, their love for one another may even be more overpowering than those friends who get along well.
Oh Jongwoon, what was the purpose of bringing up Youngwoon hugging you and giving wrong ideas to Manager-hyung? YOU ARE OBVIOUSLY HINTING SOMETHING JONGWOON. Jongwoon is obviously saying “Hah you pig Youngwoon, stop fucking clinging onto me I know what you want, and you’re an idiot because you’re not hiding our relationship well enough”
Whatever the relationship they share, you really, really can’t find a bond as special as Youngwoon and Jongwoon’s. They express their love for one another in opposite ways but they’re always there for one another.
Remember this:

“When there are sad things I feel like crying about, I wear my tracksuit and run the track on a rainy day. What I didn’t know, was that Kangin was behind, running with me all this time.”

-Yesung (090509 MBC: Introducing a Star’s Friend)

Their friendship is so beautiful. ;_;


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